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NG Life Chapter 15 Summary

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In the book I have, there’s a 4-koma spin-off on the start of Chapter 15. It’s called ‘The Lamest NG Life’. The first panel shows Keidai and Serizawa holding several copies of Hana to Yume. The second panel is showing Keidai going to sleep while saying that she will take note on his dreams . The third panel is about Keidai’s dream. He dreamt of Yuuma and Serizawa with scary faces. The fourth panel is showing Keidai’s crying while writing his notes and Yuuma eating pocky while talking to Serizawa about Keidai crying.
On chapter 15 Shinogu will end his internship on the school so everyone from Keidai’s class were writing messages for him on a card, it’s some kind of goodbye present from the students. A glasses boy is giving Keidai the card for he is the last person to write the message and to give the card directly to Shinogu. Keidai then happily goes to Serizawa showing the card and saying that he really feels good about Shinogu leaving. Shinogu heard what Keidai says and abuse him while saying that it doesn’t matter whether he’s a teacher on the school or not and that he was born to abuse Keidai. Keidai got irritated on how Serizawa and Shinogu’s relationship is improving for Shinogu to call Serizawa comfortably and show his true side in front of her.
Serizawa then ask Keidai about the sport competition that is going to be held in their school. Serizawa tell Keidai to join volleyball as she is also in the girl volleyball team. She says if only she is a boy, they will be playing in the same team. Keidai then thinks that fortunately Serizawa is a girl and he remembers about the scene that happened in Serizawa’s house. Shinogu offers to train the boy volleyball team. After school when it’s time to meet the team, Keidai got shocked because his team members are all not enthusiastic about volleyball. They are either the leftover from other ball team or the people who hate sports. Keidai then got appointed as the team leader since he is good with sports. They then get to see Yuuma practiscing volleyball with his team. Everyone then praising Yuuma and Serizawa tells him that his team might get to meet with Keidai’s team during the competition. Yuuma seems mad and avoid Keidai. He even snaps Keidai’s hand out when Keidai hold him back. Keidai thinks that Yuuma/Selena is trying to separate from him while Shinogu suggest that it might be because of Serizawa. Keidai ask why Shinogu keep quiet about Yuuma and Serizawa while back in Pompeii as Sumiruna, he oppose to Syracuse and Selena. Shinogu says that’s because he didn’t qualify to make Selena happy. Keidai says that now is different from back then, whatever Yuuma do, Keidai only wants to protect his happiness. Keidai say that Shinogu, no matter at present or in Pompeii, he will never approve of him and why does he hates him? Shinogu says that he will tell Keidai the answer only if he can lead his team to victory. Keidai try to protest only to get Shinogu says that why does he has to be scared when he used to battle with lions before.
Keidai then try his best to get the team members to practice. He seems to be pessismistic about the whole thing but he still want to try his best for the competition is also Shinogu’s last day there and at least he wants him to leave with happy face. Keidai also thinks that maybe Shinogu will approve him a little if he do good. Keidai keep on trying to get his team mates to train properly but they keep on avoiding the training session. Shinogu tease Keidai saying that it seems Keidai only wasting his time. Shinogu and Keidai then get into a small ball fight but they stopped when they hear Yuuma is engaged to an argument with the seniors. They get mad when the seniors hit Yuuma with volley ball right on his face. They got into this scary mode and they get into the sudden volleyball match with the senior in place of Yuuma.
Keidai tells 4 of his members to play with him but they refuse. Since Keidai is still in dark mode, he says his words as their leader is absolute. During the match, the team member gets better and get this “good job” feeling from Keidai. They are encourage and finally cope up with him. Since Shinogu and Keidai were playing, many students watch the match. Keidai also get this fun feeling that he never experience in Pompeii. He says it’s his first time to feel to work as a team is exciting. Yuuma and Shinogu also finally loosen up a bit to Keidai. Yuuma is because Keidai show his care by taking the match for him while Shinogu is because Keidai care for him when he almost faint after the match. Keidai ask Shinogu about now maybe he can approve of him a little because the team member finally listen to him. Shinogu only reply,”Stupid, I hate you.” but in softer tone, according to Keidai. Keidai thinks that maybe this time Shinogu is slightly satisfied of him.
Back in the class, Keidai thinks on what to write on the card because he is quite close to Shinogu. He wrote his message with pen but then he feels it is too cheesy and he wants to change it. Then Yuuma come calling his name. Keidai ask whether he is okay but Yuuma says that if he win the volleyball competition, he will confess to Serizawa. Keidai thinks that Yuuma is joking so he says, “What are you talking about? You’re joking just like Shinogu?”. He then goes EH?! and drop the message card when he see Yuuma’s serious face.


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March 17, 2010 at 5:11 pm

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NG Life Chapter 14 Summary

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Note: I will start NG Life summary from where the latest scanlation on MangaFox was. The order of Chapter 13 there was mixed so I’m thinking on wheteher I should do Chapter 13 summary too. Convince me πŸ˜€

The chapter is opened with Keidai’s curiosity regarding Reina. It seems that Reina’s similarity with Selena really bothers him, especially after Reina call him Syracuse in the previous chapter – N: I’ll go along with the name from Ochibichan instead of TokyoPop’s. Yuuma was there in Keidai’s house playing video games. He seems to mind on Keidai’s curiosity and he ask Keidai whether he likes Reina. Yuuma then accuse Keidai on cheating Selena because he’s thinking about other woman beside Selena, which makes Keidai think of Reina’s similarity again and then to Yuuma’s. Keidai thinks that Yuuma only look similar to Selena because their attitude is very different. Yuuma hit the bull’s eye when he mention,”How about Serizawa?”. Keidai got nervous and try to change the topic when his cellphone rings. It is from Serizawa who’s asking for help. At first he thought that the call really save him from Yuuma’s question but then another problem comes up. Serizawa only mention “Help!” and the call got cut, leaving both Yuuma and Keidai dumbfounded.

Keidai and Yuuma then immediately go to Serizawa’s house only to find Serizawa’s father laying in front of the door. Then a woman holding a gun on her hand shows up, making Keidai misunderstood that the woman is a robber and that Serizawa might not be safe. Just then, Serizawa come out of a room and greet them casually. Again, Keidai and Yuuma is left dumbfounded. Apparently, her cellphone runs out of battery when she was making a call to Keidai. Serizawa then introduce Yuuma and Keidai to her mother while her weird father is shown to just wake up on the background. Both Yuuma and Keidai are then asked to become Kiwame-sensei’s(Serizawa’s father) assistants and help him finishing his comic. Serizawa explains that both her parents are mangaka and they both are very busy just before the dateline. Kiwame-sensei passed out before the front door because he hasn’t slept for several days to finish his comic without the help of any assistant. Keidai mention that so her mother carry a gun because she’s stressed and got shot by Serizawa’s mother. She told Keidai to call her Marine-sensei and says that the gun is only a model gun she use to draw her comic. Serizawa’s parents then got into an argument because of assistants. Kiwame-sensei seems to drive his assistants out because he thought that they might be after Serizawa – the doting father arch. Serizawa complaints about how hard it is to have both parents working as comic artists. Yuuma got confused while Keidai sympathize her. Serizawa answers it’s alright because her parents are funny like Keidai to which Keidai got slightly insulted. At this moment, Keidai thinks that Serizawa and Loreius are really alike. Both Keidai and Yuuma agree to become Kiwame-sensei’s assistants but Kiwame-sensei refuse to have Keidai as his assistant. Serizawa tries to convince her father by showing that even though Keidai is a beginner but he can draw very well. Marine-sensei says that if Kiwame doesn’t want Keidai, she’ll take him as her assistant. Kiwame-sensei then quickly drag Keidai to his work station and make Keidai works.

Keidai doesn’t know what comic is Kiwame-sensei working on. Yuuma explains it to him. Keidai then ask Kiwame how is the progress to which the reply is only he’s not even finished with half of the comic when tomorrow is already the deadline. Keidai says he’ll do his best to help and Kiwame warns him not to lay a finger on Serizawa. Keidai then think that everyone is always pairing him with Serizawa when they’re only best friend and their relationship is far from lovers. Keidai then get into an argument with Kiwame because the kind of comic that Kiwame draws is a bit perverted. Keidai feels embarassed when he see it and try to change the drawing, making Kiwame to get angry at him because Keidai change his drawings. Keidai accidently give a better idea to Kiwame during the argument, leaving Kiwame speechless and down-spirited because he is helped by Keidai who is only a beginner. Kiwame then get his spirit back when Yuuma says that he loves Kiwame’s comic.

Keidai and Yuuma are then bringing some tea to Marine’s work station. The assistants all went gaga upon seeing them and Marine strictly tell them to go back to work. She then ask Keidai and Yuuma to model as lovers for her. Keidai feels awkward during the modeling, only to get Marine make them to move closer to each other. Marine then explain about her comic and how romance is an important part of it. Yuuma says he can’t do it because he’s also a boy. The assistants got surprised and keep on saying about how Yuuma is similar to a girl. Serizawa teases Keidai on how Keidai loving the moment to model as lovers with Yuuma. Marine give the idea for Keidai and Serizawa to model then. Serizawa try to refuse and Keidai got a little bit mad on how Serizawa refuse it so he agree to model as lovers with Serizawa. But then he got caught by Kiwame and Kiwame says that he’s also a Serizawa so he’ll model with Keidai. Marine then send Kiwame back to his work station.

In the evening, Kiwame’s work station is dark and everyone fell asleep. Serizawa covers Keidai with blanket and Keidai grabs her hand while calling her Selena. Serizawa then says unfortunately she is not Selena. Keidai and Serizawa then have a little chit chat about Keidai and his dreams about Selena. Keidai gloomily says that he can only meet Selena in his dreams. Serizawa ask him then why he refuse to model with Selena(Yuuma) when he loves her that much. Keidai says it’s because he’s panicking and it’s too sudden. Serizawa says that during the play he can speak smoothly to his partner without hesitation so is he serious saying that? Keidai give the excuse of Italian is better on expressing theirselves than Japanese and he is only expressing his feeling at that moment. Serizawa only laugh and says that Keidai is lying. Here comes the best part of it, Keidai x Serizawa fans. With a serious face Keidai says to Serizawa, “Do you want to try it then?”. Β He says even though it’s not for modelling for Marine, how about they continue the lovers play. Keidai as Syracuse and Serizawa as Selena. This made Serizawa blush and nervously avoiding his stare. Keidai even insist on Serizawa to call him Syracuse. He says he is mad because Serizawa always toy with him so he’ll show her. With a blushing face and trying to not looking at Keidai, Serizawa says,”Syracuse, how can Selena help you?”. Keidai’s heartbeat got faster and then he think, “Isn’t Serizawa unwilling to play lovers with me? So what should I do now? Acting all lovey dovey and think of Serizawa as Selena just like the play before? I can do it before so I can now. But why does it feels different from before? I said it a few hours ago that it is alright since we don’t have feeling for each other. Serizawa has Loreius’ soul so even if she has the face of Selena, she is not Selena. It should be alright and I can act as if I like and love Serizawa.” Unfortunately, they got disturbed by Kiwame and it ends with Keidai got beaten by Kiwame while Marine says to not disturb her working. Apparently, Yuuma is not asleep too. He is only pretending to sleep so he heard it all along.

This is the first time that I ever do a summary for manga. I hope that I’m not writing boring stuff there. Comments and feedback are greatly appeciated. I hope you love my summary πŸ™‚

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March 14, 2010 at 3:57 pm

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I’m Alive, People!

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It’s been a while since my last update in WP. I should say that I’m busy as a student as well as I’m too lazy too find the time to update. Hehehe. It’s like a habit of mine to get scared after leaving something unchecked for some time and to check it again. But right now, I’m currently inspired to update this blog with new simple and enjoyable knitting patterns. I have plenty of them yet to be made into a real thing. Things are still sketchy. On the other hand, I was downloading WP app to my BlackBerry only to find it useless since the article I wrote won’t even be uploaded to the server. How maddening. In the end I gave up with the client. And here I am writing manually again from the website. Can anyone suggest me any client for Windows that can post my blog without having to go to WP website? I’m still unfamiliar with WP’s features.
My plans for this blog right now is: manga summarization. I have several manga in mind and I am yet to fulfill last Christmas plan. Guess I have to fulfill it now. As for the moment, I’m thinking to post NG Life and Dawn Aria because it’s so good and I’m very addicted to it. I’ll have to rethink about other manga for summarization. I’m knitting a bag for my BF’s mom. It’s kind of like a bribe and I can’t wait to post the pattern up. But like I said, it’s still sketchy. I have to go now but I promise to bring another update soon. Please anticipate for it πŸ™‚

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March 13, 2010 at 2:16 pm

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Easy Simple Vintage Scarf

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5 stitches per inch in both Basket Weave and Mistake stitches

Finished Measurement:
7″ x 68″
or 17.5 cm x 170 cm


  • 2 skeins or 200 grams of Thalenta’s Softy Wool, I use the brown-white shade so it’s more vintage and classic.
  • (You can use any other similar weighted yarn which fit with US 8 needle on brownish color for vintage feel)
  • US 8 knitting needles (Straight, DPNs, Circular or Interchangeable, it’s your choice)
  • Tapestry needle

CO 35 stitches

End Pattern:
Make 5 x 5 basket weave for 5 blocks or
Row 1: *k5,p5*
Row 2: *p5,k5*
Repeat row 1 and 2 then with another row 1. Now you get 1 block of basket weave
Repeat these 5 rows until you get 5 blocks of basket weave. You can add more blocks if you wish to do so.

Body Pattern:
Use mistake stitches or *k2, p2*, k2, p1 on every row of the main body until you reach the desired length of the body.

After the body is finished, end the scarf with end pattern. Weave in all ends. You can block your scarf if you want to. I didn’t block mine coz I’m running out of time. The combination of basket weave and mistake stitches might look strange at first but it came out well. I’ll post the picture once I receive them from my boyfriend.

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December 17, 2009 at 6:36 am

Christmas holiday is now!

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Today is the last day of school for this year. I’m so glad that I’m finally finished with exams for this year. It’s now time to lazying around during the short Christmas and New Year holiday I got and casting on some new projects. I have quite a lot under my belt. I need to finish up some hats and I need to make something for my trip to Singapore – Malaysia next month. I also finished with my boyfriend’s scarf even though I’m quite pissed about it. I was about to weave in the yarns when I realized that my tapestry needle is gone after my friends messing up my things. I was really mad because just when I got to finish the scarf in time, I can’t really complete it by myself because of the missing tapestry. In the end, my boyfriend took it home with him and will ask his sister help for the weaving in TT.TT . Now I need a new tapestry for bulky yarns and I’ll need to find a replacement until after the Christmas break since I don’t think the place where I order mine will be closed for the year end break. It’s really frustrating me, urgh!

I shall post the scarf pattern after this and the picture will be coming soon after I get my boyfriend to send me the picture of him modelling it πŸ™‚

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December 17, 2009 at 6:18 am

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What I’ve Been Up To?

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I haven’t been updating lately. I’m on hectic schedule or it’s just I’m too lazy to update. I’m knitting under dateline for my BF becoz he’ll be leaving for a family vacation to Eastern Europe this winter. I’m trying to finishing up my simple vintage looking scarf. I’ll be sure to get a snapshot and the pattern here once I’m done. Right now I still have about 10-20″ to go. I’m making about 70″ scarf with Thalenta’s Soft Wool and I’m loving it. It’s just that my dateline is next week on Dec 17. I still have final exams coming up this weekend. I don’t know whether I can finish the scarf in time. I need to get back to it after this.

I’m thinking on doing several short summaries for the manga I’ve been reading lately. It hasn’t been scanlated in English or it is not finished yet but I’m just too lazy to translate them all. I’m still on otaku mode so I’ve been finishing up several series while knitting lately. Several manga that I have in mind: Dawn Aria, NG Life, Kana Kamo and Akiyoshi Family Series. I won’t be taking any manga raws for the summaries since I won’t have time so please just bear with the summary. Of course you can read them on the Chinese site or download them from Raw Paradise or somewhere ^^. I’ll start with summary next week after I’m finished with the test. Please do not take them to any other site but you can of course give my blog link and let others to come to my blog as well.

Last but not least, I’m doing some studying, knitting and otakuing so I won’t have much time for any request. You can leave request on the chatbox and I’ll consider them. I’m also available for knitting pattern editing. I’ve been on Ravelry designer just lately so the Candy Beret pattern is now also available in Ravelry.

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December 8, 2009 at 11:14 am

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Yes, I’m So OTAKU!

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I’ve been lurking around to check on some manga lately. I’ve finished Tokyo Crazy Paradise by Yoshiki Nakamura in just 2 days. Hah! Talking about being otaku. I’m so on knitting blue lately so I decided to look for some good manga. Tokyo Crazy Paradise is one hell of craziness. Funny, full of emotion, exciting and kept on attracting me to read more. Don’t really like the ending though. I’m still looking around for some more good manga to fill time. I’ll make a list of what I’m reading at the moment Β and put it on the widget bar. I need someone to shove some more good titles for me. I’m liking shoujo with romantic comedy or more to fantasy? Gender bender and action are alright, I guess. From the titles in my list, I bet you’ll find out how I’m so into the art and story. The first thing I check beside the story is the art, eyes especially. Anyone can recommend me on what manga I should read?

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November 18, 2009 at 2:40 pm

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